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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8957 I'd love to see the whole video, looks like the beginning of a great porno.
0.8666 WOW, very beautiful.
0.8494 WOW, those are perfect.
0.8399 One of the most gorgeous pussies I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.
0.7925 WOW, I always wanted to see pictures like this of Katharine.
0.7717 Left, I love her smile.
0.7512 I love that little smile.
0.7003 Jennifer seems like the kind of girl who would be fun to be around.
0.6908 Looks like some pretty new scars underneath the boobs.
0.6739 WOW, I could watch this all day.
0.6597 Wish I was at that party.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6103 I watched this movie a lot of times, not the greatest movie, but Mia gives it a ton of plot.
-0.5267 A smooth criminal.
-0.2183 FKM, one of the hardest I've seen, all 3 could easily be marry, but 2 had to be F and K.
-0.2006 KMF, very tough choice.
0.0 Left, because she has a nipple showing.
0.0 I've never seen anything that she's in, but after watching this video of her, I might check some of her work out.
0.0 Getting thick in all the right places.
0.0 I have literally jumped out of a moving car, that I was the driver in, to get away from a bee that flew in the window.
0.0 Left, cutier face
0.0 I'd be the 18 yo hot girl, and wouldn't settle for a 60 yo millionaire, but would go for the billionaire.
0.0 If I see a highlighted area, I un-cross my eyes and look for a difference in that area.
0.0 You have been married for a decade, and have only know about it for half that time, about 5 years.