/u/toezbeforehoez is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8779 Good thing I love to wear them then :)
0.7906 Wow, what an honor
0.7494 Oh that sounds like fun!!
0.7184 Honesty is a virtue
0.7184 Great minds think alike ;)
0.7184 That's too sweet :)
0.6705 Thank you :)
0.6705 Lol, yes I did
0.6705 I'm glad you like it as I wear less and less
0.6705 Aww thank you :)
0.6369 I would love to have them in your mouth

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.4939 Destroyed how?
-0.4005 Oh that makes me absolutely crazy
-0.4003 My mistake!
-0.3595 I missed you!
-0.3421 Sorry I didn't warn you better
0.0 Stay tuned xo
0.0 You should come have a sniff after I've been wearing flats all day
0.0 Oh, hypnotizing?
0.0 aww you're making me blush
0.0 I think so too!
0.0 Why don't you come have a taste?
0.0 What do you mean by it?