/u/toe-rags is very positive!

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0.9368 You're too sweet, thank you so much I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy posting them!
0.9225 Haha thank you so much, I'm glad you love it!
0.8563 Thank you in so glad you like this colour!
0.8176 Haha, I'm glad you like them chica
0.802 Haha love this shot.
0.7959 That polish is too pretty, your toes and arch look divine!
0.7777 Thank you, amor!
0.7603 I'm glad you think so, thank you!
0.7345 Haha be good, It's sunday!
0.7345 Haha, thanks!
0.7263 Thank you for your appreciation!

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-0.5661 What's not to love about a Sunday!
-0.5267 I'm a sucker for a tuxedo
-0.4767 I'm sad that the camera doesn't pick up the iridescent colour shifts in the polish, it's so much cooler than just white
-0.2003 Surely you're just a sucker for big brown eyes!
0.0 This is all kinds of bootiful.
0.0 Never that!
0.0 Muchas gracias!
0.0 TheClassyKindaComment.
0.0 5 UK/38 EU/7 US
0.0 Pinup bunny
0.0 Don't we all!
0.0 Albeit a little dark for summer