/u/tinyirishgirl is very positive!

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0.9643 Doing for your loved one what you wish they could and would do for you. Loving so much and not letting you suffer. Loving them so much and not letting them suffer. Holding you all in my heart.
0.9417 Please tell your friend that we're just so glad that she and her precious baby girl were not hurt. Holding them in my heart.
0.92 It's wonderful that you're sharing everything. Feel honored reading your thoughts. Thank you so much!
0.91 Holding you and your precious dearest wife with love.
0.9098 Well you just gotta know all that growing stuff is straight up energy robbing. Such a beautiful moment. Thank you!
0.9008 It's absolutely a huge deal! Happy Birthday! Wishing you everything you wish for yourself!
0.9001 Wishing you everything wonderful and hoping your new life path is filled with happiness.
0.8979 Such a precious sweet little one. Holding you both with love.
0.8832 Proud for you! All your hard work and determination paying off. Wishing you everything wonderful on your new life path.
0.8707 Couldn't be any more beautiful. Such a gift. Thank you so much.
0.8478 You and your sister are both so beautiful. Your Grandfather is a handsome gentleman.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8513 Will not call them parents!! That would be a horrific insult to real parents everywhere.
-0.7339 That's it! Hell has frozen over!
-0.7096 Arrogance and Ignorance?
-0.6908 It's the smirk that makes me want to scream. Prison farms...
-0.6344 It's more than unacceptable. It is an absolute insult to the very mission of Homeland Security.
-0.6085 The lady with a thousand yard stare. She seems so overwhelmingly burdened.
-0.5267 Beyond infuriating. Despicable.
-0.3736 Curious. Kindness and caring in public is cause for being thrown in jail? Brutality and murder in public is cause for celebration? Very curious.......
-0.2865 What about making sure no child in our country goes hungry or without medical help?
-0.2263 Her cash flow must have stopped flowing.
-0.1531 Sigh........ Miss it so much.
0.0 Or basketball players.