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0.9398 I'm glad they found great homes, but that means four other rescue cats maybe didn't find great homes.
0.9358 This is amazing, and you've given me hope that I can get back into drawing! I would love it if you'd post another set of progress pictures six weeks from now!
0.9348 It gave me a lot of energy and I feel good virtually all the time, because I feel like I accomplished something every day. Hope that helps!
0.9183 I love this guide too! Best of luck with your interview!
0.9159 I would really like to apply for this job tomorrow or Tuesday, but I want to ensure I'm sending the best resume I possibly can!
0.9117 I know they're a really great group of people. Best of luck with your pup.
0.906 Are there any resources you can recommend? Thanks for doing this AMA - this sounds like a great job!
0.8883 Yay yay yay!
0.8829 A super-simple tutorial would be amazing! Good luck on your project!
0.8777 That's awesome, thanks for sharing!
0.8588 The co-ops can be a great experience and a great paycheque!

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-0.8126 I've said the same thing, and I hate how negative it sounds.
-0.5994 I know :( That stinks.
-0.5709 I tried this with a chocolate caramel ice cream and it was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted.
-0.5473 This is a recipe of LIES.
-0.5095 I feel totally hopeless at makeup...
-0.4926 I had the same worry when I started!
-0.4767 My heart is broken.
-0.4574 They hire people to write short informational pieces on various topics, and your language skills might come in handy! I did some work for them after I graduated and was having trouble finding a job.
-0.3876 It all boils down to catching yourself doing it - something that's not so easy to do in a situation like a job interview, where you're nervous anyway.
-0.3713 [He is not a very nice person.]
-0.3687 You could slightly reword to avoid that awkward 'her her': "Give [the dog's name] her favourite treat."
-0.34 Volunteering holds you accountable to people other than yourself, and for me, that's a huge motivator because I hate letting people down.