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0.9627 Huh that's pretty crap that they're restricting you to it but fair enough I guess, most unis only consider your best 3 grades anyway so good luck
0.9392 I mean well you've got Kaede which is super strong and used to be a top lead in the game, still one of the best!
0.9201 I'd honestly say go for it if you can, but I'm still a noob who can't really provide the greatest of advice :P
0.9092 Don't let your parents break your dreams, plus it's still SO SO SO interesting even if it may sometimes go over my head :P
0.8979 My Vista is possibly one of the best writing pens I've used ever and everything is just super nice about it, the ink flow, the smoothness, etc.
0.876 Glad to know that the sweet spot won't be an issue, might pick one up for my birthday this June when I can :D
0.8756 You are your own person and you don't need anyone - friends, partners or parents to ever hold you back from doing what you are capable of, which of course, is succeeding. Good Luck!!!
0.8689 I have a feeling that my time in school for another year with no one around will suck a lot but the freedom sounds pretty decent huh.
0.8659 Like everything if you start early and practice hard of course, so good luck!!
0.8475 I wish you good luck!!
0.8409 I see, still don't think I've got any chance to transfer to the maths course but the extra year is seeming like more and more of a better option.

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-0.6458 No no YOU are right!!!
-0.5719 Halfway through the year I realised I actually hate most of Physics and that I'd actually rather do Maths at Uni.
-0.5394 Ahh miss playing that game, Suros was my 1st or 2nd Exotic not sure but man it felt exciting as hell, especially since i got it before nerf.
-0.5267 Wicked smaht physics doctor
-0.5255 Sad thing is, my board AQA does not even have Proof By Induction until FP2!
-0.4926 I guess most of the students who realised they would be weaker at the subject dropped it back in AS, the ones who did carry on to A2 basically exceeded the entire department's predictions by a mile!
-0.4588 Assuming you are in year 12, My school had also not predicted students above a C until December mocks, except for the 5A*+ kids from GCSEs, they get predicted AAA-AAB+ right from the start.
-0.4574 I had my exams in the same halls as the year 11s doing their gcses and they kept spinning their damn fidget spinners!
-0.4404 Although a bit bummed because they won't ship to the UK :(
-0.4019 Tfw more A\* in single maths than candidates in Further Maths damn
-0.3595 Woah no way you're applying to almost the exact same places as me!
-0.3412 Did you not get a good enough grade in Maths to do it in A-Level?