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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9471 Means a lot that you :D I'm glad that you find my voice seductive and that you enjoyed this audio. I'll do my best to keep it up ;)
0.9144 I actually wanted to tag this [Quijana-inspired] hahaha You didn't need to check this audio out because of the hard limit, but thank you for throwing in your support <3
0.9061 I uhhh... I hope you enjoy /u/moondancewithme's work, cause I'm hella sure you're just going to laugh at mine.
0.9022 Thank you, I'm glad you like it I am seriously hoping that break comes soon too haha
0.9014 My usual bilingual phrases, so it's great that you're into it! Thank you for such high praise!
0.8994 I'm glad you don't have regrets. I will be more careful in encouraging you to embrace your dark side if this is the result hahahaha
0.8957 I didn't mention it but I think the best way I could relate to her is her thirst to do everything haha.
0.8883 Oh god Tinkles hahaha I'm glad you like it!
0.8807 intelligent, driven, busy schedule, may or may not be portrayed as a "sexy librarian" type, and charming in her own way?
0.872 Hahaha I'm glad you enjoyed this audio.
0.8674 I don't know how you managed to listen to all of it but thanks hahaha

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7184 Leave it to Quijana and me to enjoy fucked up shit.
-0.6664 I'm not a fan of size difference because my short ass gets picked on all the time.
-0.6597 Murdered.
-0.6486 but that would drive all of you mad.
-0.6486 Emotional Rapist Todd had me making sounds I didn't know I could make.
-0.5994 I can just die now.
-0.5574 I need that shit in my life.
-0.5093 Thriller night! Aaaaaand Smooth Criminal.
-0.4927 The fact that I had to think of the logistics of this sort of disturbs me
-0.4215 who told you, you could say those cheesy lines at the beginning with that cracked voice and make me feel sugary and bitter at the same time?
-0.4019 Think of The Devil Wears Prada schedule, but I have two jobs instead of being an assistant.
-0.3818 I'd probably end up screaming.