/u/throwaway_yikes1 is very positive!

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0.9081 I don't mind that but I like to spread the love ;)
0.8905 We recently started being more sexually adventurous and lucked out that good friends of ours were also trending in that direction.
0.883 It can be overwhelming at times but it's really fun and satisfying and we feel a lot closer afterwards.
0.8614 Might seem a bit fast but the key really is sharing the experience with people that you're 100% comfortable with.
0.8555 Happy we could help :)
0.8356 Thanks, we just like to enjoy one another!
0.8353 Even if you feel a little odd afterwards that helps settle those feelings so much and makes it a lot easier to keep exploring and figuring out what is going to make it the best time for everyone!
0.8126 Thank you :) I've heard good things about it
0.7845 We'd love to trade pics and videos if you're interested.
0.765 Either way I'd love to play with you.
0.7351 [the m83 mashup is pretty sweet too]

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-0.631 I tried clicking the link to contact but it said its broken.
-0.296 That one might get contentious.
-0.296 He's sexy as hell too.
-0.1511 Sorry, will do!
0.0 It is indeed a Gatorade bottle and a diet lemon Snapple down there.
0.0 Oh he did...on the couch, on the table, on the bed...
0.0 i always do
0.0 Oooh we are actually a split household when it comes to feelings on Rubik's cubes.
0.0 video coming and it's a doozy!
0.0 We will have to find, out won't we?
0.0 He's on his way, that's from the other weekend
0.0 Can you let me know why this got removed?