/u/throwaneighth is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9497 God this is so sexy, I love your mouth wide open in ecstasy ;)
0.9432 Don't worry, your video was sexy enough ;) Amazing body and I love the bush!
0.9341 Loving your tits in the far right but I love to see your expression in the far left, all are very sexy!
0.9334 Each of these are well worth the wait, you look incredibly fit, love your body and I hope these keep cumming ;)
0.9282 Wow, love your body, so sexy!
0.9205 God you look so sexy, would love to see more ;)
0.92 Wow, you have an amazing body, love the nipple piercings!
0.8826 I was gonna say bite...but than I saw the licking and I couldn't help but imagine how good that would feel, the red looks so sexy
0.8752 So fucking sexy, love your body!
0.8707 Love the bodysuit, so sexy!
0.8655 Love them and I love your body!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7574 Fuck your body is insane!
-0.7574 Fuck that body is insane!
-0.5423 Fuck those eyes are pulling me in
-0.5423 Holy fuck you are a goddess
-0.5423 Mmm fuck, I call dibs next
-0.4574 You are fine as fuck!
-0.4404 You ready to get licked and fucked?
-0.3382 God damn, you're giving me dirty thoughts!
-0.2023 I'd choose a butt plug and the hitachi, leave the pussy for my cock
-0.0772 What do you want first, the tongue or the cock?
-0.0516 Damn, with a body like yours, lets make it an all day fucking?
0.0 Tie me down and ride my face ;P