/u/threedgrunge is kind of a dick.

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0.8885 Or did they ask a bunch of hipster millennials that think libraries are cool? I mean libraries are awesome and provide an awesome service I just do not see how they survive today.
0.7783 and Amazon would win hands down if they had more than 1 episode of their original shows.
0.743 Would love to see more asian and indian actors in lead roles of new well put together characters.
0.7269 Looks pretty good for his age.
0.6908 Perspective is useful, hm? Not true at all.
0.6805 Should we all be robots? The joke was poorly done but it was not negative.
0.6486 Hopefully they credit you as they have been literally taking the storyline and dialog directly from reddit.
0.6369 Wait netflix has had a good original content recently?
0.6369 Freedom of speech would remove most of the countries from the EU.
0.6326 Oh look more starwars and super heroes...
0.6249 Instead of taking Destiny 1 and enhancing the pve portion of the game and making it into a great fps rpg they decided to make it a pvp arena shooter...

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-0.9479 But that is how you disgusting communist terrorists work. More from your little violent terrorist buddies. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=eca_1503955379
-0.936 Poor whites hated slavery as it meant no jobs for them.
-0.91 Attempting to silence alternate political ideas and discourse with violence and intimidation is terrorism.
-0.9081 No way he should be fired for trying to make a stressful situation less stressful for the person.
-0.875 Being anti pesticide and anti gmo is dumb and a poor reflection on Reddit.
-0.8658 It is disgusting, insulting, and down right sad.
-0.8549 Why the hell are people washing their pants so damn much!?
-0.8481 Just tell them they are going to hell for being a shitty person and move on.
-0.836 And even in the majority of restricted areas it is a law simply to stop homeless people and drunk people from causing problems.
-0.8176 Before or after my entire life is destroyed and I am homeless and or dead?
-0.7845 Why insult both groups with this identity politics shit?
-0.7641 Are you saying that we cant create original good ethnic characters therefore we have to take the good characters and paint them a different color?