/u/thongtwink is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.7777 ;) Any suggestions on toys? Thanks for the help!
0.75 ;) I also love requests for more pics!
0.75 I wish that I could look that sexy when I dress up!
0.7345 Haha, thanks!
0.7269 I love long, naughty PM's ;)
0.7125 I LOVE your pics btw..
0.6996 Like always, PM's are welcome!
0.6996 I'm glad you like my pics!
0.6908 It just feels amazing ;)
0.68 Probably straight up sexy!
0.6696 I also love PM's!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7263 Then I got fucked hard!
-0.4731 and cock isn't always available, haha.
-0.3818 Oh he already told me that he's going to spank my sissy ass ;)
-0.3612 I was wanting to get a suction cup dildo, but was unsure about the size.
-0.3182 Yeah, we took it slow until my ass was loosened up.
-0.2244 I need some cock!
-0.2244 No makeup, but lots of clothes and toys!
-0.126 I would love to see myself getting fucked!
-0.1134 Yeah, it hurt at first, but after my ass opened up, it was amazing!
-0.1027 Hmm, that's a hard one...
-0.1027 I had the same problem and that was my only solution.
0.0 Mm, both of those would be hot..