/u/thomasmarx is very positive!

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0.8873 The colors all work together pretty well and it seems to fit fine, so all told not bad at all.
0.8481 Great face and a great head of hair.
0.8225 I think you'd look pretty good with a simple parted comb-over, like [this]
0.8074 Your brows look pretty great as they are.
0.7777 Never seen one in person but they're such gorgeous birds!
0.7717 It'd probably be best to reset, like you say.
0.7717 he's a beautiful little guy, even if he is a bit daft lol
0.7227 I know I'm not an adonis, but I'm happy with myself as I am Edit:
0.7177 Thanks for sharing!
0.7096 Oh my god it looks amazing.
0.6946 I don't have a clue, but it's extremely pretty.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.68 You look killer!
-0.4282 I personally think it looks pretty good as-is, but im not the greatest authority.
-0.4201 Very eerie.
-0.3412 Does that mean I shouldn't try to improve how I look now?
-0.3182 I can't change my forehead and ive lost forty pounds in the last year, and still have a lot to go.
-0.25 Reminds me of something from the Capital in the hunger games.
0.0 Your brows are on fucking point
0.0 Where'd you take this picture?
0.0 Keep rocking it and keep us updated!
0.0 Those lashes tho!
0.0 Thats incredible!
0.0 Birds are rad!