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0.9571 you just made my day with this :D you're going to love it, it's a delicious way of life, so much new and awesome stuff to try.
0.9485 It is cool to post this here, thanks for sharing! You look great, I'm sure you feel even better.
0.9336 Welcome and thanks for posting :) Good luck with it!
0.9284 I was there, it was so awesome, don't get me started. It was also very motivating, to see that not only am I not alone, there are thousands of people right here who care also.
0.9099 The video is very well made, and you are your friends are adorable and charming.
0.9057 That is awesome :D The day I was there, there were 14 in the cube, not bad!
0.8988 We've only just met, but I think I love you. Nicely done!
0.8932 yay! one day this will happen for me also, it's encouraging to hear about others successes.
0.8832 Just that it would be cool to have NEW NEW things to try. Hope that made sense, thanks for the work you're doing, and thanks for doing this AMA!
0.8716 We'll all be very interested to see what delicious new stuff you guys come up with, thanks!
0.8572 All the cuteness, none of the cruelty :)

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-0.9042 Destroy enough of their implements of death and torture and they will run out of money to replace them. I might respectfully disagree with this.
-0.8481 During World War II, he and his family were forced into the infamous Warsaw Ghetto, then into hiding among Christians.
-0.8271 It's not artificial insemination, it's forced insemination, commonly performed on a "rape rack" .
-0.7717 His father was tragically captured by Nazis and murdered, while he and his mother Sabina escaped first to Western Europe, and then to the US and Israel, respectively, in the early 1950s.
-0.7351 Then the farms and slaughterhouses go away naturally and nobody gets arrested or worse.
-0.7096 Exhausting and infuriating.
-0.6466 The organizer there tries so hard but there are not a lot of people doing any activism and it's frustrating for her.
-0.6124 Choose to kill for no better reasons than taste, tradition, convenience and habit.
-0.6124 If you're already vegan, no worries.
-0.6003 weird, I'm really interested in trying other foods besides all the vegetables and the fake meats and fake cheeses, etc.
-0.5719 No argument from me .
-0.5574 Holy shit. 2.