/u/thickexplorer is very positive!

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0.9274 They look amazing Hopefully you're finding it easy to love them.
0.926 Great lips, thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday.
0.9107 I'd be happy either way, but I'd really want to try to convince to that off was best.
0.8957 Great view of those lips would love to see even more of them from behind like that.
0.886 Your labia are sexy and I love your hood and your clit - such a nice size and shape to it.
0.886 Ha - well, I'm glad you realized how beautiful you are.
0.8689 Those stress balls are amazing, but that smile is perfect.
0.8658 Definitely see a difference - impressive success so far.
0.8625 Thanks for sharing - your vulva is beautiful.
0.8555 Great choice of beer, too, Please don't hate me for picturing something else between those lips though.
0.8442 A lot of love - that's beautiful.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4767 Just use the real names and say they are fake names.
-0.4767 That's a shame, because it is HOT.
-0.4717 How could we not, with that beauty in front of us.
-0.4588 I think there are a lot of 20 year olds who would be jealous of your body.
-0.296 No, turning 40 doesn't make you a milf.
-0.296 I've missed you.
-0.0772 And that is one serious bush.
0.0 Keep doing whatever it is that you're doing...
0.0 It's a very fuckable ass...
0.0 but those lips?
0.0 How is that not a movie title yet?
0.0 How many men have you had intercourse with?