/u/thevespawoman is very positive!

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0.8777 Surprisingly, I hadn't forayed into that subreddit yet - another good idea :) Olivia Voldaren is definitely my style!
0.8315 VERY warm, but fun.
0.8225 Winner winner, katsu dinner.
0.8176 It is perfectly comfortable underwear....
0.8172 so PM me if interested ;) [Panties!] Gift Rocket or Amazon giftcard preferred.
0.8091 Fun to play, and such sweet sweet flavor too - what's not to love?
0.8016 Thanks! As a blue fan, you should appreciate the ridiculosity that I once pulled a Cryptic Command at a booster draft.
0.7959 Solanin, on the other hand, is fantastic!
0.7845 They're stuff is all super comfy :)
0.7827 I had so much fun with this photo set, that it turned into a long session of fingering & fucking myself with one of my favorite toys!
0.7777 A challenge for all you super nerds: name that graphic novel cover in the background!

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-0.6908 Perhaps Liliana was a cleric in a time of plague, and found that the only way to "save" people from it was to kill them & bring them back...
-0.6908 Sorry, D&D lost me with it's terrible 4e release.
-0.6597 It's about a bunch of fucked up 20-somethings in Tokyo trying to figure out what to do with their lives.
-0.6249 Fake is my smutty go to when I'm stuck in bed.
-0.605 Meh, I don't really enjoy playing 3 or more color decks as much...
-0.5423 Currently I'm doing research into building an EDH around Vela, the Night-Clad & maybe a kick ass black/red vampire deck.
-0.5093 Ah, jealous!
-0.4442 You didn't enjoy Stardust?!
-0.4215 Having a lazy rainy day, and couldn't resist.
-0.3818 Yep, and smash perverts over the head with it ;p
-0.3447 and I suspect I don't want to.
-0.296 have you worn many women's panties to know the difference?