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0.9134 TroyBoi is pretty great live; it's true that his mixing could be better, but I really like that he plays all his own songs.
0.8883 His attitude on stage is also really good, he always looks like he's having a lot of fun, and it feels like he's there for the crowd, instead of the crowd being there for him
0.8126 I haven't used either synth, but a good rule of thumb is that you should use stock plugins until you can clearly articulate to yourself _why_ you need something different.
0.765 I just meant it'll be easier to create a clean mixdown that way.
0.7425 very glad to see Morillo in here :) I saw him open for TroyBoi a few months ago and it was
0.7351 +1 for Splice, it'll do what you're looking for, is easy to set up and is free.
0.7351 Hey man, this sounds super cool.
0.6996 Sonarworks looks pretty cool, I'd never heard of it before!
0.6914 Don't worry about it, just have fun and learn something.
0.6757 Haha yeah, it sucks to hear, but it's true
0.6705 he's a pretty cool dude

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-0.7845 oh shit Oni is sick
-0.7783 number 3 is i'd add, don't be afraid to make something that's shitty- just get something made and if it's bad, move on.
-0.5423 fuck thats heavy
-0.5423 I'm worried...music videos where the band dresses up as old people are generally a bad sign for a band's career...
-0.4019 having trouble sleeping these days.
-0.3802 fuck yeah dude!
-0.3595 10pm - 2am, no cover!
-0.34 I know so many people that don't do this and it drives me crazy.
-0.34 holy shit yeah
-0.296 no reason you can't do the same on a computer.
-0.296 It's a tape stop or a vinyl spin back.
-0.2799 ugh i definitely used to be kinda like that fuck past me