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0.862 Because some of these colors are pretty rare to see anyway, I'd say at least 90% of the time I see orange and black only. Thanks for the link, that's a really good resource!
0.8553 Most of them are bright orange or black, at least the ones I've used. And thanks for reading, your feedback is appreciated!
0.8264 I'd love to hear feedback from you on my article! Thanks!
0.8016 I'll definitely try to expand more and check out as many variations as possible for future articles. Thanks for reading!
0.7964 Does this support WordPress and work for any kind of website, like a niche review blog? Thanks.
0.7901 This is a good one, pretty solid advice in terms of versatility!
0.7783 That is an awesome link, I will definitely be using it for reference.
0.7579 It's pretty validating to see that my work and time spent on writing the content is worth it to my target audience.
0.7263 I'm looking to improve this as much as possible. Thanks!
0.7089 Whatever you are more interested in is the better choice at the end of the day.
0.7088 I'll take a look at that and see if I can incorporate it into my article. Thanks for the help!

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-0.5927 I would suggest not necessarily reading through the entire cliffnotes, but focusing on keypoints that are major parts of the exam or stuff that you know you're weak on.
-0.34 Unfortunately for me , my hands would soon feel very sensitive.
-0.34 Taking online practice tests should help you, but only if you've got a decent foundation upon which you can fix your weaknesses.
-0.2952 It's almost like they were cracking from dryness, but there was no roughness on my hands.
-0.0772 Sorry about that.
-0.0516 I covered a lot of stuff in it, including some discussion on your comments regarding thickness and toughness of targets.
-0.0258 Potential noob question, but did you not have expenses for a web host?
0.0 So pick one first and stick with it for a while before you move on to the other.
0.0 Quick question, are these colors standardized, or just what WhiteFlyer offers?
0.0 Oh I see what you mean.
0.0 What do you mean by color?
0.0 Stay tuned for the article, it'll be live soon!