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0.9573 I found it funny that the extremely rich didn't lose shit in the Russian revolution, if the Tsar had the support of the rich he wouldn't have been slaughtered.
0.886 When I used to work retail I would go into my glorious politeness mode and phrases like "it would be a pleasure to assist you today, sir/ma'am" would come out of my mouth without even realizing it.
0.8381 There's a difference between asking for something and being told you look attractive or pretty, it's not harassment.
0.802 And nobody cares, he handled it perfectly.
0.802 The last surveys said hillary was winning in a landslide and they wondered if trump would even win a state.
0.7783 I don't see that happening though but I'd love to see the end of the career politician.
0.7579 Also one of my favorite jokes goes like this: "What does an Alabama woman say after sex?" "Roll over daddy, you're on my cigarettes"
0.7137 I rarely tip lower than 20% and if I do it's still above 15%, I'll go higher if they are helpful without being annoying.
0.5859 I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, if trump can get term limits for all elected offices then his presidency is a net win for the people.
0.5795 Yeah cause this can't end badly.
0.5719 Yeah that seems like such a democrat thing to do

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-0.9448 And white folks are more likely to suffer a violent crime at the hands of black folks yet bringing that fact up is racist.
-0.9349 I'll concede there are some cops who don't need to have a badge but blame that on their piss poor pay which only draws the lower level candidate
-0.9214 I didn't say murders, I said violent crime, muggings, assaults, break-ins, rapes, etc....
-0.875 They believe everyone is provoked into their actions, and it's why they've blamed slavery for years even though none of them have lived through even a teeny fraction of what slaves had to endure.
-0.872 Problem is people have been manipulating the system for years and this would kill that way of getting in office.
-0.8591 And nobody gave a shit, moving the statues changed nothing in an individual and those bitching about the removal will move on to bitch about issues that mean nothing.
-0.8221 The only thing I was wrong about was it being at night, I thought I read it was at night but even so if he didn't move his hand towards to pull the gun he wouldn't be shot.
-0.8166 Nature abhors a vacuum so some idiot was gonna take their place.
-0.8047 In a sanctioned match following the rules then maybe but in a brawl she gets killed even by a man her small size.
-0.802 No only when idiots use weapons, real or fake against cops
-0.7717 Still its shocking that even though blacks make up 20% of the population they double the numbers of murders.
-0.7717 No it doesn't, neither does the video, act aggressively and you face harsher actions.