/u/thegoldenhook is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9535 I've got the biggest shit eating grin on my face I wish you could see :D Thank you, thank you a thousand times thank you MWAH!
0.9341 My my, thank you <3 I adore getting such detailed feedback :) now you pm me :P
0.908 *runs through list of things I'd love to hear* "Thank you for always being such a good girl, Golden" Thank you daddy!
0.8934 I'm always happy when you're happy with my delivery :3
0.8934 Im a happy happy girl right now mhmm :3
0.8834 Goldenness sounds like your highness and makes me giggle :* thank you
0.8818 I'm giggling so fucking hard lol I fucking love it!!!
0.8591 :3 Thanks wouldy it was fun
0.836 Glad to hear it :) Hope they continue living up to standards hehe
0.8356 Happy birthday beautiful!
0.8332 You did a very good job :3 So many giggles in the beginning from me.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5848 Ahhh fuck indeed!
-0.5707 Ooohhhhh scandalous scoundrel!
-0.5574 This just made my week of denial exponentially harder and I may have died a little..
-0.5096 What exotic pet would you have if you didn't have to worry about feeding/caring for/or that it might murder you?
-0.4926 Too tired and full!
-0.4767 We are writing to inform you that Miss Golden has recently passed away from sensory overload.
-0.4404 Would've just been ridiculous and hard.
-0.2382 Certainly not but thats part of the risk
-0.1045 Degradation is something I'm new to so this script was quite interesting to fill.
-0.1027 ;) it would definitelt be odd
-0.0772 Yeah it was an exhausting morning hehe
0.0 *chuckle* Never.