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0.9664 Beautiful mix, and it's really soothing to the ears and it's telling me things!!! Your game is probably great too!!! I'm loving all of your synths and all, this is beautiful!!
0.9526 Well, it sounds not only glitchy as fuck, but punchy and it pierces my ears, and I mean that in the best way possible, this sounds so clear and audible, it's fantastic!!
0.9484 That makes it very interesting and kind of unusual, so well done! Great job overall, good luck on all your next tracks!
0.9457 It sounds as if you were already great with music!! Have a great one, and good luck on your musical journey!!!
0.9416 :D I listen to my recent ones a lot, and recently I've been touching up a ton of my older projects as well to share them with my friend while he's on acid, he says it's like cracc lol
0.936 I really dig drawing sometimes :) and I like to share my work too, thanks for your encouragement <3
0.9356 You are the only one that can hold you back <3 I believe you will figure it all out, even if it's as you go :) I wish you the very best in your marry adventures!!!!!!
0.9261 Thanks again, have a super duper AWESOME day!!!
0.9229 Thank you a lot for the reply, I'm super glad to read that you enjoyed it a bit!!
0.9186 I suppose I'd love to hear whatever you think about it, thanks :) <3 ~ricc
0.9149 Heheh I appreciate a m e g a - f u c c - t o n! Thanks for the feedback, I am really glad that you listened and enjoyed!

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-0.8047 I agree with Chubble, if c3-po was talking over this shit it would be cool as hell, even though it is already. Good ass job yo, the glitches are good as hell as well as your drum and bass.
-0.7067 lol "You should wait an hour after your lunch to start swimming Slorp..." "Why momma??" "NO QUESTIONS!!!" It was a horrid day for Slorp Jenkins
-0.6948 Those ghosts are just badass... But how can a nigga name Blinky be so horrifying?
-0.5423 Fuck I'm diggin it...
-0.5423 That is one juicy ass beat bro/sis....
-0.5106 I was waiting for dick butt
-0.5106 This sounds cool as hell, I mean..
-0.4724 No one can stop you but yourself!!!
-0.4215 are you shitting me?
-0.3354 yesssss that would be funn Edit: It would make it a little more difficult for more casual players, but it would be veeery next level for the musicians on Plink!!!!
-0.296 No one else...
-0.273 I'd say it sounds a little quiet throughout the piece, if there was a crescendo leading up to the drop, and if the drop was a bit louder, I feel the piece would have more energy and power!