/u/theaveragemedium is slightly positive.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8636 'HUNAN FRIEND' sounds like some anime movie with children who have samurai friend.
0.6369 Best ones imho.
0.5848 "To the glory, my army!"
0.5707 Zen wisdom there!
0.5413 You can make it more exciting by switching to first person view tho.
0.5106 Strong Monty Python vibes from this.
0.5104 I don't know, but kill it with fire!
0.5093 Step 4: Welcome to USA!?
0.4588 :) ::: [Kakslauttanen]
0.4588 Some graduate in Darwin Awards.
0.4588 They should make advertisement deals. Like after the cut: "compared to normal knife [videos how "shitty" knives break] and then "the perfect cut with ginsu knives for only $29.99".

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8316 That guy is scary as hell.
-0.8074 "Fatality is reported in up to 40% of cases involving penetrating head trauma.
-0.7227 I know most of these but I hate when "top10" game videos doesn't have game name sticked in some corner.
-0.6739 "WTF you looking at?"
-0.6486 Killer diarrhea
-0.5574 Those are known to be nasty poltergeists.
-0.5574 I can smell the rage.
-0.5106 No Pain, no gain.
-0.5106 Literally a human dick.
-0.4939 Those shoes are stolen.
-0.4574 Not the killing but *beep* word!
-0.3404 World is not ready yet!