/u/theBaguette12 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9321 You are so sexy and somebody has good skills taking at photos of your perfect body :)
0.9118 You have such a great and sexy body, I would be pleased to join you
0.9046 I love this cleavage, those boobs must be so good :)
0.8957 Amazing lips, I'm sure you can give amazing blowjobs ;)
0.8834 look fantastic perfect shape and color :) 19/20
0.8676 So sexy seems like somebody enjoyed this night too
0.8605 An anal lover, so perfect
0.8591 sexy panties that's exciting, hope you come to gone wild again soon
0.8555 That's the best ;) Have fun
0.8477 And it won't stop me to enjoy such a great view
0.8428 You are so hot and sexy, wish I could be there to help you wash your back

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7783 Who the hell would refuse that?
-0.7574 Suck my dick !
-0.6249 What is the sluttiest thing you have ever done?
-0.5595 So hot, I want to fuck you so hard
-0.4939 it's your punishment
-0.4404 So hot, let me suck on them
-0.296 Not something you can refuse
-0.1689 20/20 Godamn lips and so juicy, I'd pay to lick it
-0.1567 so dangerous, i like it
-0.1027 those nipples are hard, did it turn you on?
-0.1027 It gives me a hard time to concentrate, 19/20
-0.0772 Damn, so big and beautifull, he should be the one giving you a tip