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0.9861 :D I'm always super pumped to post :D always try to make sure it's something cool because people always have great input and super encouraging :D and gosh...
0.9774 There's smatterings of a lot other games, but those are definitely the main three :) Don't hesitate to give me a shout too if you have any questions, always happy to help :D
0.9755 So thank you, cause honestly that's the best kind of compliment, I really appreciate the support :D don't ever hesitate to give a shout!
0.9731 :D it's honestly just been so much fun to make, granted there's a LOT to do still, but just easy to get excited about it :) Sorry for the late reply :D Holiday madness!
0.9683 :D pleasure to see you on here friend :) thanks for the congratulations!
0.9553 haha :D thanks man :) Hope you've been doing well!!
0.9544 Dahhhh you made my day :D been a rough couple weeks, so that's super encouraging :) As I was reading I was like dang...
0.9493 Hope you're doing well :) I'm super stoked to have started on some unit command stuff ;) it's super lite still, lots to do still.
0.9456 My internet literally exploded and I'm still reeling from it lol :D glad I could give some inspiration, THE DREAM IS REAL!
0.9428 I haven't gotten into D3 yet but it seems like they've got some awesome systems in it. Yeahhh SoM did reward you, which really only worked til you maxed out your stats right?
0.9416 Thank you for asking, I'm always super curious about this myself with other peoples games :D My main inspirations for Warcube are Shadow of Mordor, Mount & Blade, and the Elder Scrolls games.

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-0.8224 :) I currently don't have any reward for killing bigger enemies yet.
-0.7906 **M0ar Info:** The enemy who kills you grows in power .
-0.7075 Look at me segway into HOW UNDERSTATED YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR LAST PROJECT! Seriously that's so sick!
-0.6996 That's you getting killed!
-0.6597 so if they keep killing you, umm...
-0.5972 #4 was sick!!
-0.5859 I was getting some weird broken http stuff from imgur this morning..?
-0.4926 Even though I sometimes suck at taking them because I'm originally from the the midwest but... BOOM!
-0.4574 Sorry for the crazy late reply!
-0.4404 Possible fix could be to block of one of the player screens and show your text over it, then swapping when talking about a feature about the other, if that makes sense?