/u/thatsadamnshame is kind of a dick.

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0.8048 I'm not going to pretend I was ever that interested in their poorly built junk, but I liked their mice and I guess I won't bother with those anymore either.
0.7269 I actually thought Gone Home was pretty good for what it was.
0.7184 Haha I honestly can't even.
0.6597 "*Haha, she was only pretending when she confessed to her sexual attraction to her cousin and shared pictures of her with strangers on the internet*" Nah, I'm not seeing it.
0.6486 These newer films are better at giving lines to men and women equally.
0.6249 Great movie, too.
0.6249 I'm just amazed how everyone is suddenly okay with doxing now.
0.6124 I'll buy the shit out of this when it releases.
0.5719 The best way to create an inclusive space is by removing everyone you disagree with.
0.5267 In Tangled, women have 52 percent of the lines, and in Brave, a film about a mother-daughter relationship, they had 74 percent. Frozen breaks with that trend, though.
0.5106 I paid about $5 for Gone Home, and another $5 for The Novelist, and I enjoyed them a lot.

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-0.9022 Using violence to silence someone makes you an idiot no different than the people we're fighting.
-0.9022 The fatalities no longer look and feel silly to me, not when you can see pain accurately portrayed in their faces while they appear to be struggling for their life.
-0.8481 The problem is that she has a habit of pulling lies and opinions out of her ass and presenting them as fact, while massively overstating the actual problems. Sort of like the media.
-0.7783 It's bizarre to see this bullshit upvoted.
-0.733 Two outrageous lies don't make a truth, no matter how hard you try to spin it.
-0.7003 Any sufficiently large group of people is going to have jerks and even criminals.
-0.6808 Why in the hell are so many people so willing to take a knife to their children?
-0.6808 What the hell?
-0.6808 What the hell is up with those comments?
-0.6705 a contemptible person, often a fool 2.
-0.657 I don't even know how to react to this insanity.
-0.6369 I'm still pissed about Tabula Rasa.