/u/tgjer is kind of a dick.

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0.9136 I started transition earlier, but I've known guys who started in their 30's with great success.
0.8834 That place was awesome. I'm glad they managed to save the old merry-go-round with the wooden horses.
0.872 I've also been looking at The Great Escape Room, which is all Sherlock themed, and sounds awesome.
0.8519 Do you have a particular room that you recommend? The guest of honor is a huge Doctor Who fan, so I've been leaning towards historically themed rooms.
0.8126 They're treating the creation of a new human being like they're building a WoW character, with lab-grown personalities built to order.
0.802 And if you absolutely need to know that any potential sexual partner is cisgender before you even kiss, that is your issue and you need to make it clear to any partner before you kiss them.
0.7964 Trans people already were serving as Episcopal clergy, but the vote formally affirmed their fitness to serve as religious and ethical leaders.
0.765 This hypothetical scenario, even if it worked perfectly, would turn the creation of a human being into a market where parents pick the personality traits they want off a shelf.
0.7506 This is very literally life saving medical care. Receiving medical care is a choice.
0.7269 Their bravery and tenacity gave me the hope that let me survive to adulthood.
0.7269 Callen Lorde is pretty good, though they can have a wait list.

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-0.9231 A child whose gender identity is Gender A but who is assumed to be Gender B based on their appearance, will suffer debilitating distress over this conflict.
-0.9226 Fuck's sake, if you don't want to have sex with trans men that's your problem and your loss, but stop blaming imaginary surgical inadequacy for your hang-ups.
-0.9169 Second, transition *dramatically reduces risk of suicide attempts.* When able to transition young, and when spared abuse and discrimination, those rates drop to the national average.
-0.8949 And of course if it doesn't work perfectly, that kid's brain is going to be severely fucked up.
-0.875 No shit, they're going to get pissed off.
-0.872 Some due to injury or illness, some due to congenital conditions, some due to intentional mutilation. And comparing being trans to having a deadly disease is *really fucked up.*
-0.8625 But when the options are either getting treatment, or continuing to suffer unrelenting living hell that has a good chance of killing you, any sane person would take the treatment.
-0.8555 This is quite literally life saving medical treatment. Forcing a child to go through puberty as the wrong gender has permanent, severe negative effects.
-0.8519 Any adult who makes a conscious attempt to get a 16 year old to suck their dick, *is a goddamn child predator.*
-0.8519 That isn't much of a choice at all, particularly given the common religious condemnation of suicide.
-0.8402 First, the 40% statistic is for *lifetime rate of suicide attempts.* The vast majority of those attempts are before transition, and many of those attempts fail and the person survives.
-0.839 I'm really goddamn tired of seeing surgical options for trans men casually dismissed as being terrible when they aren't.