/u/testen is kind of a dick.

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0.7074 Please help us!!!"
0.6588 Now if we get along, great!
0.6289 The manual says to **NOT WARM IT UP BY LEAVING IT IDLE**, just drive it like any other day...
0.6249 Great, you made /r/videos into an app.
0.6249 They did a great job at an unbeatable price.
0.5859 Pretty hard to convince me to buy that without being able to smell it..
0.5773 It's not murder if you eat the animal...
0.5653 If you did, you'd be well aware that the way Netflix is doing things is standard practice in the industry. You also wouldn't be crying about your fuckup on /r/netflix
0.5106 that do this for free or for way less money.
0.5106 Not exactly confidence instilling..
0.5106 Plain and honest.

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-0.8955 Moneyz pleeeze!" Fuck off, your idea is bad and you should feel bad.
-0.8807 99designs are killing it right now. No shit, Sherlock.
-0.8662 Thanks for the mention, but some of the 'start-ups' here are so horribly bad that I don't bother roasting them..
-0.8271 OP is a faggot and a liar.
-0.8258 Horrible voice, way too much sketch drawing, the word video appears a gazillion times, the music makes my ears bleed, really really shitty video overall. Now, to your actual product.
-0.8225 She cheated, the relationship is already dead.
-0.8074 Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?
-0.7964 Federally, weed is still illegal in all of the US, so the ATF can and will bust your ass if you do this.
-0.7906 It's painfully obvious from your shitty website that this is a one man shop.
-0.7764 We do this on purpose, just because we really want to fuck with their shit.
-0.765 The fuck is wrong with you?
-0.7264 NEWS FLASH: Nobody does. Besides, if I'm too fucking lazy to write an idea down, I sure as hell won't be going to your website **TO WRITE MY IDEA DOWN**..