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0.9538 That looks pretty good tho, awesome experience + awesome game = awesomeness squared :)
0.9451 definitely like the Top Gear idea, that sounds awesome =) what about Bike Darts - find a ramp with a good lead-up, set a target somewhere, see who can get the closest
0.9325 nice, good chance i'll pick that up, just those couple nights of gta4 were awesome enough =)
0.9274 That is awesome, I am honoured by your honouring =)
0.9186 excellent, have been wanting to try Litterbugs, and Unreal looks pretty good too =)
0.9001 I'm going to have to stop watching videos online, all it does is make me want to play =) Poland is pretty awesome so far.
0.8779 sweet, loved that map =)
0.8658 that was way to much damn fun =) definitely have to do that again =)
0.861 heh, I meant more that being old doesn't automatically mean you're married with a family, but you are right, the opposite is also quite true =)
0.8555 just read that, pretty sweet, maybe i can finally finish of all the recon unlocks =)
0.8548 * they like to play prone * for instance on bazaar, they like to lay prone in the main corridor at B, or in the doorways in the side rooms at B, especially the support players.

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-0.802 conversely, if your team has the enemy flag, leave a couple guys sitting at the enemy base.
-0.743 Heh, #87 = m1911 tact, with a total use of 8 seconds And in those 8 seconds, 8 shots, 4 hits, 1 kill
-0.5574 The new shit is [gravy, cheese curds and perogies]
-0.5423 Enemy team just has to sit there waiting for it to show up, and they can instantly grab it again while the rest of your team is running back to defend.
-0.5423 Also vehicles spawn within bounds behind the flags, so watch for vehicle theft/steal some vehicles * if both flags are taken, and you have the enemy flag, get on a bike and keep moving.
-0.5423 the enemy team can see where the flag is, and will come after you.
-0.4019 if you aren't mobile, you're just asking to lose the flag. * team communication is key.
-0.34 Only available those days unfortunately.
-0.2023 i've tried out MP for one round, and just got my ass handed to me, you definitely need to move as a proper squad.
-0.1531 heh, ergyth?
-0.1027 The closeness of the buildings made it hard to see if anyone was coming, so they put up a sign near the exit that read 'WATCH OUT FOR PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC'.
-0.0608 seems to be working fine on android for me, phone and tablet, although i haven't played with it that much yet.