/u/tdqp is kind of a dick.

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0.886 Also it helps if you left the safety of Turkey and skipped over half a dozen perfectly fine countries before making your claim to Germany.
0.7967 The depressing thing is that VW has nothing to worry about because almost every other car manufacturer will be caught for this. Wow downvoted for something we know is true
0.7906 A Saudi imam said it best: "it was gods will", that really sums up Saudi health and safety attitudes right there
0.7251 Sex happens naturally, kissing someone you've just met or been out on a date with happens naturally. If someone doesn't want to do something it's clear from their body language.
0.7096 You can strip metadata with free software and you can use Tor and VPNs to protect anonymity.
0.6908 It's also a good idea to re-encode the video so authorities cannot recognise the model of phone/camera used to record it. Of course, you should ideally wipe the computer and phone completely.
0.6858 It's the people who write innovative but unnecessary JavaScript libraries who get promoted.
0.6652 Yeah but citizens in your own country can be effectively policed and identified.
0.6369 At this point it should have been clear that learning street names was going to become irrelevant - Less than a decade ago smartphones became capable devices.
0.6249 Great so they can take the rest.
0.6249 Oh that's great.

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-0.9136 It will involve the war in Syria and the war between Russia and western states. Small conflicts will break out in Europe between pro and anti migrant groups, and between migrants themselves.
-0.9127 I think people are throwing around advice that sounds good but is actually just made up, untested and impractical. Serious sexual assault is awful, so why are we concentrating on bullshit like this?
-0.8934 It has no place in modern life and it clearly incites hatred and violence. The future is a world where no one takes the Koran seriously.
-0.8925 Most of the rebels are cunts and even the moderates would probably rape your wife for wearing a skirt.
-0.886 Especially when they rally behind criminal scum. In the UK we had a riot because an armed black criminal was shot in a police operation.
-0.8402 Not like the EXACT fucking same thing happened in Afghanistan is it? The problem with this war is that all sides are total cunts.
-0.8248 People distributing this shit are stupid
-0.7906 ALL politicians are lying, cheating scum.
-0.7845 Even if you do this, I can still decide a fraction of a second later that actually no, it hurts or is making me uncomfortable.
-0.7724 They are so arrogant and so greedy that all they can see is German welfare.
-0.7717 You remember the death threats in London?
-0.7391 Let's try and wean people of off this fucked up book.