/u/tattoo_biker_1971 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9213 How I'd love to take the place of that pillow, love to give my tongue a good work out!!!
0.8309 love to bury my face in that sweet pussy!!
0.8309 Love to taste that sweet pussy!!
0.8309 Love to taste that sweet juice!!
0.802 Love to lick that sweet pussy till you cum all over my tongue
0.8011 Id love to play with it too!!
0.7597 Ok since you asked so nicely!!
0.7568 That's good I have a sweet tooth!!
0.7494 Better and better every time!!
0.7412 Looks like she could use a real good licking!!!
0.7249 Love you body!!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6229 How about one on each cheek as I bury my face in that ass!!
-0.5951 Damn that looks so good!!!!
-0.5538 Damn that looks so tasty!!!
-0.3753 And hard nipple season!!!!
0.0 I'll cum outside with you any day to see what you are showing!!!
0.0 More then once!!
0.0 Maybe I'm getting off too!!!!
0.0 You are so sexy!!!!
0.0 That right there is what I'm talking about!!
0.0 That is all I can eat right??
0.0 Absolutely!!!
0.0 Be right over!!