/u/tatersgonnatot is very positive!

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0.946 Yes, love that like a beautiful, late-summer day :)
0.93 Oh, well, there's always the next amazing gif :) Also, you look great in that top.
0.9287 I would love to lick it all morning while I reach up and play with your gorgeous breasts :)
0.9231 Yes, and tight and wet and delicious and beautiful :)
0.899 Technically, you're sitting, you know, but that is one yummy, beautiful pussy.
0.8934 Well, that looks like a lovely and fun start to the day.
0.8655 It looks like you've got some really beautiful lips, too :)
0.8516 This is your best post of many amazing posts!
0.8481 I'm pretty sure you look wonderful from every angle.
0.8402 Gorgeous body, gorgeous nipples.
0.8398 Happy Friday to you and your gorgeous, bouncy boobies!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 holee fuck
-0.34 Yes, in the worst way.
-0.296 Oh, shit, the other one was just about to come out to play, and then ...
-0.296 I mean, no, I would not behave.
-0.2263 Your tits are incredible.
-0.1027 Looks like you've got some things to suck on, too.
0.0 Except much bouncier!
0.0 I don't believe it.
0.0 Feed them to me?
0.0 Who wouldn't really?
0.0 There it is!
0.0 Right, those!