/u/tar-man is very positive!

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0.8957 It was a rather lovely surprise gift :)
0.8885 You'll hate it but i'll love it and my happiness is all that matters.
0.8316 Haha bless you :)
0.8183 You're always so very kind :)
0.8016 "elegant solution" I like that!
0.7845 I mean, if you need a hand there, i'm all too happy to volunteer..
0.7579 I have no preference between the two, but I like the syrups Costa use rather than Starbucks, they taste far nicer.
0.7574 She's a stunner, I hope we'll have more fun soon
0.7177 For those interested here's this doggo's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/frenchieandthenews/?hl=en well worth a follow!
0.7177 Why thank you kindly!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 One time I hooked up with a guy and all he wanted to do was fuck my tits.
-0.6349 You can, but we won't mention it to anyone, I don't want people to think I let a dirty filthy Gryffindor rub one out to pictures of me.
-0.5594 I don't want to be ruined!
-0.4767 Am I the only one who was disappointed with the Patronus thing?
-0.4545 Look at all those effing copics, i'm muchos envious!!!
-0.4404 I'm bummed you can't brew potions or learn spells on Pottermore anymore either :(
-0.296 .....God no
-0.2732 All photos by this redditor have been stolen from a well known tumblr girl.
-0.2411 I mean i'm not a fan of trying on human flesh but...
-0.2023 Yes it is bad.
-0.1779 I've never been into tit jobs though, is that weird?