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0.8555 Made this track today, was inspired by some of the dark production on Gucci Mane's recent album. https://soundcloud.com/ag64/radric-davis Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.
0.8519 Yeah ik, that one was pretty nice as well.
0.8402 Haven't delved into orchestra much but ["Lacrimosa"] by Mozart is pretty nice
0.8316 Yeah they are easily the most consistent group in hip-hop, for me their best albums are Illadelph Halflife, Phrenology & Undun
0.8126 Good idea lol, will definitely have to post around for collabs here in the future.
0.7964 Passionfruit by Drake is in G# Minor, also pretty sure Dear Mama by 2pac is in minor
0.7906 Personal Favourite: ["Good Kid"] Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly Once again the lyricism is strong and the jazzy beats here are excellent.
0.7713 Nice sample, your drums fit very well on it.
0.765 A$AP Ferg is perfect for the gym, here's some good songs from him: [Shabba feat.
0.762 The lyricism is really strong here, helps paint a clear picture of his struggles.
0.7579 Personal favourite: ["Wesley's Theory"] Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy Strong contender for AOTY in my opinion, definitely listen to this.

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-0.8555 Angry: Kanye West - Yeezus Sad: Radiohead - OK Computer Calm: MF DOOM - Operation Doomsday Zen: Migos - Culture Whatever: Tyler The Creator - Flower Boy
-0.8271 Lots of distorted low end and high intensity vocals. Also give Yeezus by Kanye West a listen, it is pretty dark, angry and depressing and has some screams here and there
-0.765 To me it's a bad song because the beat is generic and their flows are terrible.
-0.7293 Not a bad album, I just don't enjoy it as much as the rest of his discography.
-0.6597 You can find the whole season on torrent sites if you have no problem with watching offline or piracy.
-0.5994 No problem man
-0.5719 808s & Heartbreak by Kanye West.
-0.5319 MF DOOM Frank Ocean Kanye West Travis Scott Isaiah Rashad
-0.5319 MF DOOM - [All Caps]
-0.4939 You're right about the low end of the reverb, will cut back on that in the future.
-0.4588 21 Savage usually opts for more minimalistic beats and Migos usually rap over more chill ambient melodies .
-0.4019 Damn i knew i turned down the 808 too much.