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0.928 Wow, this sounds really amazing, I'd love to hear more about this!
0.9056 While I think I'd like to take a break from Python at the moment, I'm sure I'll be back before long, so I'll definitely make sure to check these out, thanks!
0.8885 That's a good point, I'll definitely give that a go, thanks :)
0.8858 Wow, this is brilliant, thank you very much!
0.8737 As I stated, I really enjoyed trying to optimise my Python code, so I think I'd enjoy trying to figure that out with one of these languages.
0.8655 Wow, that does sound interesting, thanks for the advice!
0.8475 Wow, that does sound like a really cool project!
0.8221 This seems like a good list of resources, thanks!
0.8126 I can't find it there either, but thanks for the tip, I'll definitely keep looking
0.8122 Oh thank you, if I do go this route I'll definitely have a look, thanks!
0.8074 Haha, I have to say I am rather excited to see the perspective that learning a low level language like C will give me on languages like Python.

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-0.7834 I also made a quick calculator application in C# one time and preferred it slightly over Java, but I'm still not a fan of that kind of forced object orientation.
-0.6249 Would this bother the average programmer, or would you have to dive deep into C++ for that to become a problem?
-0.6114 So far all I know is that I hate front end design work!
-0.5838 I have to say that does sound very scary!
-0.5719 My issue with C++ is that I've really only heard people talking about how much they hate how bloated it has become.
-0.4215 I did, but unless I missed something, it didn't quite answer this exact question?
-0.4021 Sorry, I wasn't very clear there.
-0.4019 My only problem is that it is not finished.
-0.3595 The thing that sticks out in my mind is that the creators of Go made an entire language just to avoid it!
-0.34 The problem is though that I don't know exactly what I want to do with it.
-0.34 Unfortunately not.
-0.296 By "these concepts" I meant specifically the ones I am wanting to learn more about by learning a lower level language.