/u/sylvemonster is very positive!

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0.8442 Ah thanks thats awesome - and well I've actually bleached my hair before, i did a similar brown to blonde ombre.
0.7609 The tricolor eye is done so well, the red up to the brows looks amazing.
0.7574 Late to the game but an add would be brilliant!
0.743 :) I like the look of yours with the darker purple at the top.
0.6696 Would love an add!
0.6696 If you're adding others I'd love an add!
0.6696 Would love an add !
0.6688 But I loved my ombre at the time - maybe I'll do it again soon as a base for a new color !!
0.6588 Looks awesome !
0.6476 Yes please!
0.6369 Would love an add if possible?

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-0.0772 Though I don't have what you're looking for either- sorry bout that.
0.0 How to...recover from a hangover?
0.0 Pen and watercolor I'm assuming?
0.0 Added back!
0.0 Hey looking for Venomoth- Added!
0.0 Hey mind if I add?!
0.0 I have Ferroseed over here!
0.0 [Precious Venus]
0.0 Need this NYX lip color too.
0.0 Are all those brushes part of a set or just individually bought and put into the roll case?
0.0 Such variety <3_<3
0.0 Still adding?