/u/swiggles1987 is very positive!

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0.9337 I love using minimal necessary gain, clean playing and I often imitate my favorite players tones as practice.
0.9153 With all respect to the fantastic American strats I've played, I'm just as happy with this guy.
0.9049 For sure, red is my favorite color and the bright red just stands out so nicely!
0.891 Same, I think it's fair to say as much as I enjoy Pi builds and emus the real thing is going to just be a great chance to finally revisit classics and take it on the go.
0.8832 Great stuff dude, definitely inspired me to grab my own NG-2!
0.8779 haha appreciate it man, hope you like way too much Zelda \m/
0.8625 Definitely throw this at r/VGCovers where we dig this kind of stuff man, love the clean bits too.
0.8588 Are there plans to release more soundtracks in the United States for these beautiful songs? Thank you!
0.8442 10/update, best champion yet
0.8442 Hope you all enjoy :)
0.8436 Yes, its close to no money at all for my moderately smallish channel and I highly recommend looking into licensing your works as well, buuuut congrats on having views come in!

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-0.8343 Now I use a Axe FX 2 unit, obviously a steep price point for the last amp I'll ever buy, but it didn't sound amazing out the box without me having a comfortable set guitar.
-0.7906 I scratched my arm when one of those furry beasts of unrelenting evil latched to my neck and gave myself the biggest fright so far.
-0.6786 Looks so sleek, killer finish too.
-0.6486 I goofed and it came out Medium Well by accident though I've failed you
-0.5719 Most people in my exp hate latency over 25ms.
-0.5574 Hard to steal a signature bass of someone else tho
-0.4939 No shortage of gamer covers \m/
-0.4019 I had trouble watching cartoons with a buddy preupdate on a GTX1070, AMD FX8320 system .
-0.3716 I know that might seem odd, but in my exp doing the other way seems to miss most my viewers.
-0.3412 I frequent r djent so I do get it, werners a beast and I didn't dv funny enough...
-0.34 Can't beat Through the Fire and Flames without nailing some Pat Benatar.
-0.34 Not doubting you at all I just have questions on how the average redditor ya know...