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0.9291 I'm not a minecraft person myself, but I think it's really awesome to see how many different permutations of it exist and the fact that there are survivor series based on it is freaking awesome.
0.9136 Would be nice to have even genders but they're working on it for later seasons and some of the girls they have are super strong characters.
0.9042 I've seen some of the stuff that these guys have been planning and running, and I'm super confident that they'll put together a great cast and season.
0.9041 You make a really good point -- casting and storytelling are really what have always made survivor exceptional, and my goal was always to recreate those two things to the best of my ability.
0.8957 Takes a few episodes to get used to but it gets super fun.
0.8953 The familiarity of the players makes them really comfortable with each other rather than just playing nice, and it's a really fun group of characters.
0.8883 Both super fun personalities. Max was a really cool dude too, I hope he's cutthroat enough strategically/socially to go far, worried he could be a pre-merge #blindside or maybe merge boot.
0.887 I would love to see this twist incorporated with a One World concept, which is part of what made it work so great for me
0.8823 Thank god I didn't scare you away from the cbs series :D
0.8757 At least with this, even the pre-merge production value of Season 2 won't seem as bad -- but my editing definitely gets better with time.
0.8745 But that cast is so good and the post-merge is so great.

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-0.8271 To add a few details: Danny and Alex basically ran the season -- Danny was sort of the Boston Rob of the season and lost to a bitter jury.
-0.6597 I control+F'd this damn page for "damn", and only got one damn result.
-0.6249 That's damn messed up man.
-0.5813 It has to top lying about a dead dog :P
-0.5719 Even the Kanay boot had Foluke stealing the idol .
-0.5563 Hannah I'm unsure about, definitely likable but not sure if she's too shy for this
-0.5106 This deeply consumed people in every year I ran it -- I saw friendships broken, lies on dogs and families, concussions, you name it.
-0.5014 I wouldn't know :D
-0.4939 I was dead certain it was Melina
-0.4795 The gameplay is just so crazy and the cast has some powerhouses.
-0.4648 Heavy second of GoT, The Wire, and LOST
-0.4588 It's forced typecasting that's the issue.