/u/supersatoshi is a total dick!

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0.7914 Can you not comprehend the frustration of posting things here for years and being laughed at only to be proven true? Seriously, what is your malfunction?
0.7717 I have not yet figured out for certain whom it is. Yes, one person. Thanks for your uneducated opinion.
0.7688 A relative few people own the majority of Facebook stock and those that use Facebook have made Zuckerberg one of the most influential and wealthiest people on the planet.
0.6808 It is in your best interest to disappear. I send everything negative I say about you and China to various people who know me in case you do or others do anything to me. :)
0.6249 You are the person who has taken a great deal of bitcoin from people and not delivered. Are you really in a position to question me?
0.6124 3 years ago they were some of the brightest people on the planet.
0.6124 -Roger Ver is trash. -Many of the brightest minds have been working on Bitcoin Core for years. -BU has been proven to be poorly executed.
0.5994 Then a large subset of it was proven. No, people like you will continue to laugh until it is proven once again.
0.5994 Whatever will I do? The kicker is, I am well liked IRL.
0.5859 Agreed. We need someone outside of China to help with that. Tim Draper?
0.5275 Oh, not this shit again..?

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-0.9136 What the fuck is wrong with you people? He is suggesting the opposite of what you are bitching about. Reading comprehension-learn it. OP is a douchebag.
-0.8979 Ignore their PBOC shit. THAT is what is hurting bitcoin - not my magic words and frustration.
-0.8973 So, Wu-tard should have absolutely no problem with patching things. Get the fuck out of here, fool.
-0.8625 Hell, you and I may even work together. You're a douchebag to me here though. Are we done now or do we need to keep going back and forth for a little while longer?
-0.8451 He is either not very bright or has much to lose as a result of this working. Edit: This ponzi scheme bullshit is not valid.
-0.8383 I don't have this shit on refresh like you to know of a post that went up 2.5 minutes after mine. How much longer is this China bullshit going to go on? The meme isn't funny anymore.
-0.8269 He is not bright, got lucky and is going to end up pissing off someone he shouldn't or will wish he hadn't...
-0.8208 Exactly why I'm always so pissed off all the time and posting about the manipulation.
-0.8176 You'll be dead. Religion is merely a form of control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJZYG5qwHHI You fools running scripts gaming Reddit are also human trash.
-0.802 It's basically an empty threat unfortunately. Who stops Reddit?
-0.802 Pay attention dumb ass.
-0.802 We have a 'chance' to change the world and eliminate war, poverty and include the Billions of unbanked.