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0.9715 You're so nice wow :D I'd love a faerie xweetok morphing potion, I have the perfect name and all the wearables in this custom http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/848734 ready and waiting for her.
0.9241 It would be so amazing to have the same pet as the protagonist of this little piece of neopian fiction I fell in love with many years ago. My username is 2pintsoflager :3
0.9153 I wish you the best of luck in finishing Katawa Shoujo, and I hope you don't experience too much post-KS-depression.
0.9081 Honestly I'm surprised at the hypocrisy in this thread, people being like "it's just a popularity contest" when that is basically how music is valued among the public anyway?
0.8771 I absolutely adore it when members openly care about each other, so I can definitely understand that appeal.
0.8668 Good job on improving your make-up techniques to this level :D
0.8618 I really love that song and I really love seventeen and wow I just can't believe that this perfect combination existed but I NEED to see more of it.
0.8591 Wow yes I would sell my soul for Infinite V honestly.
0.8442 I know you've got like 100 requests already though so I'm mostly just here to say thankyou for your generosity :3
0.818 Considering they're so popular already I'm sure their debut will be huge!
0.8173 You probably make really intelligent kinds of jokes and everyone always laughs at them.

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-0.8437 It probably wasn't that great of a story, but it stuck in my mind and to this day even I could probably recount a great deal of the story.
-0.6652 Infinite are my all time favourite group for so many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that not a single one of their songs is a disappointment.
-0.5423 I'm with you on this one, would commit cold blooded murder in exchange for HD fancam.
-0.4767 Why are we being deprived of this incredible performance?
-0.4767 Fake hipsters.
-0.3818 There is not a single Infinite song I dislike, on all their korean and japanese albums and singles, all their subunits, everything they have released has been quality in my opinion.
-0.3818 I'm in shock.
-0.3182 If Hades controls the underworld, then maybe Ghost types?
-0.2732 I'm mad that you were the earliest comment but nobody followed rule 3
-0.1725 I wanted to buy it just so I could pretend to be a pizza when I showered.
-0.1027 I don't know if I would agree that they're getting tired of the idol life.
-0.1027 There are nerves under the skin actually.