/u/sundreams90 is very positive!

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0.9273 The great thing about Nashville is that there are things going on and things to do every night if every week :) super cheap/free live music is a huge plus!
0.9049 I'll have to save up for something then, after hearing that fantastic endorsement :P
0.8982 That is a lovely corset :) I currently only have 2 custom made ones, but there is nothing wrong with feeling more confident with your already hourglass figure accentuated...
0.8979 I've read the first 4 easily 40 times, but I don't think people realize how valuable it was to have such wonderful role models.
0.8885 You look lovely and happy :)
0.8807 Best of luck in your future :)
0.8801 I very much appreciate that, I do my best :)
0.8718 You are very talented and deserve complimenting :)
0.8655 Bravissimo.com is my personal favorite, but the busty wiki on the r/abrathatfits sidebar has excellent resources, worth a read through!
0.8655 You are a fantastic writer and truly make this sub more enjoyable.
0.8625 She definitely did a better job on my first corset than this one, but I love them both.

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-0.7783 Bras were such a pain in the ass until I discovered bravissimo.com
-0.6808 Damn, indeed :(
-0.6652 The people I work with could see me at a beach, but they sure as Hell aren't seeing me naked...
-0.6597 aside from unoriginal, it's just plain rude :/
-0.6597 Blasting cancer with radiation will probably be seen as the most barbaric medical practice of the 21st century.
-0.6124 Well that is just beyond creepy :( Edit: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the 67th image in that album is not of me...
-0.539 Thanks for the explanation, and you are correct, I'll be getting a reduction this year because losing weight just seems to make the ridiculousness more pronounced :/
-0.5267 I have no cysts and no condition
-0.5267 His initial mistake was clearly reprehensible, but lashing out at you afterwards displays an even deeper character flaw, and an inability to put you before himself...
-0.5255 I do try to report fake profiles when they are brought to my attention though!
-0.5106 I once had a roommate that dislocated his dick at a Metallica concert...
-0.4767 What a terrible excuse...