/u/sumplings is kind of a dick.

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0.9702 Great movie actor, great theater actor, great dancer, great host, great husband and now even cricket ?
0.8126 That was a pretty calm and nothing much happens scene for a superhero movie. The first X-men movie was a good movie
0.798 It would be much easier to support Clinton if she did not damage herself half the time and there is a ounce of genuineness in her.
0.7783 With the exchange rate, they need to be pretty rich to continue doing that.
0.7579 Once for reading and maybe more than once to appreciate the beauty and art of the manga.
0.7269 See, making judgement is pretty easy.
0.7184 Married friends are much better in this situation.
0.7003 I hope the cop did a wellness check on her.
0.6808 Once the line is crossed, it just becomes easier and easier.
0.6801 Starts with a somewhat critical point and then ends up admiring Hillary like a PR agency like lines.
0.6551 Drinking out with friends is not a problem.

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-0.946 But I am talking about her getting physically abused, raped or worse, ending up dead.
-0.9001 You got harassed means that everyone else got harassed too and no woman cheats ?
-0.8779 Maybe grow up and stop being a hateful fuck giving shitty advice on relationships.
-0.8658 Or threaten him with exposure to his HR department and get them fired for sexual harassment. Your wife has his contact details.
-0.8531 OnlySaneManAlive fucking retard my ass !!!
-0.8353 Pathetic excuses dumbass!!
-0.8347 It will make you look even more clever and sarcastic. Why would the rest of world bother with a US election you ignorant talentless bitch ?
-0.8074 The same crowd will be screaming murder if you get a female roommate.s There are valid points on both the sides.
-0.802 I am terribly sorry for the pain you are going through.
-0.802 Her drinking behavior will be the death of your marriage, whether she cheated this time or not.
-0.8007 22 separate charges, most for dealing in controlled substances, but also burglary, among others. Holy fuck!!!
-0.7867 How pathetic do you have to be to make this argument about stalking? How exactly did Lucy react to him meeting up ?