/u/suckmyfist is kind of a dick.

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0.7096 They fly north to Germany and Sweden to get the free benefits.
0.6705 To be fair to the "Kenyan" it was the Secretary of State that was selling State assets like a 3rd World dictator.
0.6486 Well according to my Sicilian friend: anyone COMPLETELY dressed in pink is asking for it.
0.6114 I can hardly wait for when a lefty "male" is found in bed with one of these 5 o'clock shadow minor refugees. Let's see which one wins, pedo-hysteria or refugee-feticism!
0.5538 Or maybe she is just smart: "I am Xiao Miao from Sichuan, I am Chinese too, look at my eyes, don't eat me, plz!!!"
0.4767 I take that as a compliment.
0.4588 I would like to cut you down and count the "rings" in your brain, not that many I am sure of that. Do you know what wisdom teeth are, or what a goddamn full-beard is?
0.3919 Her natural hypergamy would be satisfied because you would earn a decent salary and she would tend the house or do some productive but low-paying job.
0.3892 Me either, I am just saying that all the other pro-refugees reasonings are inferior to this one, at least in your scenario we save a little bit of pride knowing the jews will meet their burning fate.
0.34 **"We will send their women against their men and thereby destroy the strength of their families"** * Helen Cohen Clearly not feminist, or your current definition of feminist.
0.2357 Who has had more underserved opportunities than a Red-Indian applying for college, but will have a career shorter than a Brown-Indian pornstar? You and your cousin Steve Urkel.

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-0.8922 They were "friends" for 2 weeks. On the day of her death she drove this broke ass nigga around in her car in the morning and in the afternoon.
-0.8021 ***"She shall be brought to the door of her father's house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death."*** Let's fix this goddamn feminist problem, Biblical style!!!
-0.7824 I like that is the only part you suspect is not true, but you have no problems believing that:
-0.6509 No more like 96.999% the other 2.999% is due the fact we cannot be certain of anything in this world of liars. Seriously, do you really think he wrote "A Brief History of Time"?
-0.6486 I remember the time when the idea of a ***Jewish Kabbalah controlling the Western World*** was an unbelievable insane conspiracy.
-0.5859 You don't need a 3 digits IQ to understand that Stephen Hawking is a feel-good fraud.
-0.5122 If you have no documents, you are sent to a medical examiner, they did the same on Ellis Island with immigrant without papers, that is, when we westerners were not pussy-whipped-faggots like now.
-0.4588 At the bottom of the victimhood pyramid, there is you, you cis-normative-able-bodied-heterosexual-goy-blue-eyed-devil-fucking-white-male.
-0.4588 His education is modern, it is his brain that is stone age, maybe he is playing retard to pretend he is Neanderthal.
-0.441 *If your opponent is of choleric temper, irritate him.* *There is nothing more irritating than copying your opponent strategy.*
-0.4404 She has deceived her father, and may thee."*** -Shakespeare in the mouth of Brabantio, from Othello the Moor of Venice.
-0.3595 No condoms in your EDC, in Ukraine! Are you trying to bring home more than memories?