/u/suck_my_ballz69 is kind of a dick.

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0.8724 but we like it, because it is a dog and cat and not some screaming nasty
0.7841 Those are some very fine meters, you got a good gift there.
0.728 I don't need your pity, did it ever occur to you that childfree people are happy the way we are and don't need nor want kids in our lives??
0.7269 Mayor still pays pretty good for the next 4 years
0.7096 Good luck, I've worked both in town and up north, and have been off work since May...
0.6705 I'm sorry you had kids, hope you get a good trade in for a cat, or two guinea pigs and a rabbit...
0.6419 unfortunately its never a serial killer come to save me -_-
0.6249 That would be awesome
0.5994 OMG I loved this show when it was out...
0.5927 All I use is a cheapo Sperry meter, but then usually the tool cribs have better ones they make us use so I never upgraded.
0.5859 wait, ha ha, what am I saying?

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-0.9246 You are basically restricted to either letting yourself be raped or murdered, or taking out the assailant somehow and getting charged for it.
-0.8779 Bitch, you come into MY house with an out of control goblin freak, snap and hurt MY pet and then have the audacity to chew ME out?
-0.8561 Because of her anxiety he actually had her so distraught, she would go into crying fits not knowing wether she should have a baby...
-0.8234 No actually I DO know, you are the fucking idiot who doesn't know a damn thing, so maybe shut the fuck up about things you DON'T KNOW!!
-0.7964 Maybe if you live in Edmonton you might have a shot, but Calgary is fucked.
-0.7351 "fuck you, piss off."
-0.7096 THEY can leave or fuck off, cause no one really wants them there anyway.
-0.7088 I watched a CATSA guard yelling at an old lady in a wheelchair once about having those stupid little scissors, I wanted so badly to football kick him in the face, this was like 6 months after 9/11.
-0.6605 Completely legal, and still hurts like hell if sprayed right in the eyes...
-0.6597 we stopped going to that halfwit and reported his ass.
-0.6478 sorry, I fucking hate that term.
-0.6428 My wife's last psychiatrist was doing this shit, and that was before we were both sterilized.