/u/stthads is kind of a dick.

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0.8536 Oh yes don't get me wrong the DNC election rigging was hugely successful on behalf of Hillary.
0.8481 He's 12 now and he's a great well mannered respectful child.
0.8185 For the life of me I can't figure out how this happen but I've encountered many people on this sub who are very much like Trump supporters.
0.8074 This is done in back rooms according to who is going to create policy that helps the rich and large corporations that fund the DNC.
0.802 Voting is all a dog and pony show, and the elite, the billionaires, and corporate interests pick the candidate that will best serve their interests.
0.802 Pretty sure they support some dems.
0.7783 What's super funny is that someone thinks doing that is actually going to change public opinion amongst progressives when its literally having the opposite effect.
0.7506 Those two go hand in hand.
0.742 Don't get me wrong propaganda works BRILLIANTLY on conservatives.
0.7184 I have Trump supporting friends still saying show me the evidence of collusion.
0.7003 The role he played was winning the primary.

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-0.9042 The NRA fights gun regulation that will cut down on gun crime in the name of trivial concerns on a regular basis.
-0.8807 That ban you put on CDC preventing them from studying gun violence?
-0.8316 Police officers in major cities hail these precise early alarms of where the latest shooting is. Not allowing silencers on the streets will cut down on gun crime.
-0.8271 Wondering where the hell they went wrong along the way.
-0.802 Five people were killed, and six were injured.
-0.7906 They said Trump is bad, Trump is bad, focus on Trump, look at him...
-0.7889 We have more gun murders and deaths than any other major country.
-0.7845 This is the democrats problem and why they will keep losing and losing.
-0.7845 [Less gun crime lowers the public demand for guns.
-0.7783 Hell no he isn't.
-0.7635 So lets ignore the DNC fraud against us that gave us Trump.
-0.7548 The fucking stupidity is outrageous