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0.9136 Good luck to you, and to the successful completion of your tour :)
0.8768 For me it was definitely the Internet, so I installed programs like RescueTime to help me better track and monitor the time I spent online.
0.872 Great pictures, looks like a fun route.
0.8511 Congratulations on the watch, it really looks great.
0.8316 Beautiful bike and beautiful scenery.
0.8271 Not only will your parents be impressed, but you'll be helping the world and building up some good experience for your CV.
0.8225 You need to make the decision between good health and good moneynot always the easiest decision to make, I know.
0.802 Cool, good luck.
0.8016 The motivation to improve myself tends to fade away a week later though and I return to my usual self. I know that feeling very well.
0.796 I'm interested as well, I'd be very grateful for an invitation.
0.7845 Congratulations :)

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-0.5574 Shit, all I really need is an old pannier rack and some bags to stick on my current bicycle.
-0.4497 This chronic sleep deprivation is going to have terrible long-term implications for your health, but it's your choice.
-0.4404 Much to my own embarrassment, it took a long time for me to personally learn this very basic fact of life.
-0.296 Don't beat yourself up over missing a few targets in the beginning, just work on slowly bringing in new habits gradually into your life.
-0.1531 Maybe you need to focus on cutting back on whatever negative habit might be holding back your new positive ones.
-0.1027 Start a trendy, "indie" subscription service where people pay, say, $8 a month, and once a week they get a randomly selected 45rpm record in the mail.
0.0 Classic brand.
0.0 Do you know what sort of movement it has?
0.0 Is it a quartz movement?
0.0 I don't know how long for, perhaps until 2017 or later.
0.0 I used to cycle just over 40km a day to get to my job , now my commute is just around 10km a day.
0.0 I'd probably go up to 50km at the most though.