/u/stevesmith1394 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9018 beautiful smile, and a great rack too!!
0.8807 i'd love invite them out to play :) will you?
0.8268 i'd love to enjoy that!
0.8225 such a beautiful near perfect body
0.7901 love to see what she looks like from behind!
0.7845 That gem looks beautiful in there :)
0.7845 beautiful pair there :)
0.7096 nope, especially if they look that good :)
0.6892 great start!!
0.6884 that's an amazing outfit!!!
0.6792 that is a gorgeous body!!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6571 that ass is far from mild!!!
-0.5423 But where are the fuck me heels?
-0.4926 hope you get fucked hard in it!
-0.4724 no way is that 2 weeks!!!
-0.2244 and those lips mmmm i could see those around my cock!
0.0 bend over a little further is what i'm thinking
0.0 Over and over!!
0.0 do you need your back scrubbing?
0.0 tiffiny for me!
0.0 will the girls see these responses?
0.0 Depends on the country of course!!
0.0 needs to be filled!