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0.8709 For those who have one or more of those, yes, compound interest is a beautiful thing.
0.8126 that god will actually intervene and grant *them* a miracle; 3.
0.7964 Human Rights Watch has documented some of the pretty innocent things that kids have been placed on the registry for, like consensual mutual masturbation.
0.7777 But trust me, it was William!" [priest goes home to enjoy his chicken dinner]
0.7761 It is the common folk who don't see the manipulation going on behind the curtains, and so can justifiably believe that maybe it was divine intervention.
0.7717 Millions of Australians who, whether they want to or not, are compulsorily putting 9% of their income into super funds which deduct rich fees and charges.
0.7574 The way I heard the joke goes like this: Me: "Ask me what the secret of comedy is." You: "What's the sec-" Me: "TIMING!"
0.6865 With mates like the US, we've be fucking better off supporting our enemies.
0.6712 According to the guys, the average woman is a "3 out of 5", with fifty percent of women being better looking than average and fifty percent less attractive.
0.6705 I'm pretty sure Alan Davies isn't gay.
0.6597 Mary is cute as a button, innocent.

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-0.8808 At least now. I *think* that it dates back to some medieval Christian debate over whether or not good Christians ought to wipe out the Jews for their collective crime of "murdering God".
-0.8689 There's a lot unhealthy about busting your gut with bad diets, strenuous, harmful exercise and/or drugs in a futile attempt to be the same weight at 50 as you were at 20.
-0.8658 Its sometimes hard to see this pattern, as many of the countries that ban porn also report unreliable rape figures, e.g.
-0.8613 The opposite: the trick to the polygraph is to be tense and uptight and panicked *all the way through*. Or be a psychopath who doesn't get stressed by lying.
-0.8481 The author fails to even consider the reality of prejudice, bias, and corruption. A poor article of interest only for the description of how the trial by ordeal could be manipulated.
-0.836 William is a bad churchgoer and is always stingy with his donations, guilty.
-0.8225 They're to cover up their mistakes, incompetence and waste of money.
-0.8225 A first strike is suicidal, but if the US attacks first, they will strike back against South Korea, US bases in Guam, the US navy, and Japan.
-0.8074 Invading South Korean is probably a distant number 5. Think of them as a rattlesnake: they rattle to warn you to keep the fuck away, and they are poisonous.
-0.8027 They were an awful way to cure people, and if they did occasionally do more good than harm, it was purely by accident. Same here.
-0.743 Nine times out of ten, the reality will be a shock, it isn't what you thought it would be. That's what I hate about these motivational platitudes and cliches.
-0.7351 Edit: Damn internet connection drop outs, sent the message twice by mistake.