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0.9246 I ended up getting the inno chef and so far it works great, temperature appears stable, simple and easy to use and best chicken breast i have EVER cooked
0.9081 Maybe a litle small, but nice shape and color, nice nipples 7/10 anyway :)
0.899 yeah its simple and cheap compared to the others, but does what its supposed to do and works well :) if you are in NZ then its easier than trying to get an Anova or Sansaire here too
0.8957 thats the one :) thanks, just as well i didnt come home with it trying to julienne my carrots ;) thanks
0.8884 Never really liked it that much, its nice but there are better ones around. I went past today and heaps of people eating chips there so either getting last lot in or its popular
0.8807 cool, hopefully it worked and waas for something exciting :)
0.8732 Thanks, been handy so far and reminded me several times via my phone that i was walking away and leaving keys behind, so havent lost anything yet :) thankfully
0.8719 thanks, i havent checked the one i downloaded, but hopefully she shows something a bit more in it :)
0.8402 Looks pretty good to me, some curves without being fat, and good boobs, 7.5/10
0.8399 Been a long time follower, find the answers I need and several of us at work refer to your blog a lot of the time :) thanks for running it, very helpful
0.7992 she was in all her glory. Nothing flash but i watch just for a laugh.

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-0.6597 You can also claim for losses that have happened because of the fault.
-0.6248 Similar to that, but not as runny. Im having trouble playing the video though so hard to see its like a finely crushed garlic or onion texture, but not the taste
-0.5542 12 Months only, or can pay a bit more and no contract. If You want to cancel contract it is $200 or remainder of whats left , which ever is the cheapest
-0.5122 No not gingery at all, I dont like ginger.
-0.4215 I tried asking them but they just pointed at a container with no label
-0.4215 ill try, whICH ONE ?
-0.4215 yeah no worries, might take a while as my upload is very slow, depending on size, let me know the link
-0.4023 It doesnt have a strong taste.
-0.3612 Ever since I had my gall bladder out Carls JR sends me running to the toilet with the screamers, I wouold just eat burgers till it flows
-0.34 I would be interested to hear about that, I was going to get one of those but it was just getting too difficult.
-0.3182 If your washing machine is faulty, for instance, you can claim the costs of going to the laundromat while it's being fixed. Tip: your receipt proves where and when you bought the appliance.
-0.3182 computer shut down in middle of night, and lost my link :