/u/stemroach101 is kind of a dick.

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0.9252 "I'm not racist - I have black friends " - goes onto say something super racist.
0.9081 It hurt me a lot but the lady certainly seemed to be enthusiastically enjoying herself
0.7845 Scotland is one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland meaning Scots are a subset of Brits.
0.7446 However as I have black friends I cannot be considered racist.
0.743 It makes me happy that you accept I am right
0.7391 Not as good as others but I still enjoy it
0.7351 What a heartwarming tale of a father sincerely doing what he believes is right for his virgin daughter
0.7351 Say "hey sexy tits" or "hey sexy balls" , then "do you want to go out with me?". But don't ever date a coworker
0.7269 Its pretty funny though.
0.7269 "And then Billy tried to swat at a little butterfly and Muhammed, praise be unto him, was all like "dude, thats allah, don't swat him you dick""
0.7096 Good luck with that.

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-0.891 Spunking up your moms ass then getting her to suck my shit covered dick clean
-0.8834 When i see you mom i instamtly reach for wipes because i know i will inevitably be banging her in the ass an will need to wipe her shit from my dick
-0.8807 Just kind of dicked around, killing and raping non muslims.
-0.8519 I fucked him to death.
-0.7943 You totally have you sick fuck.
-0.7876 I consider myself to be socially liberal, but I think all black people are fried chicken eating crack head rapists.
-0.743 If everyone joined the same gang there would be no violence between gangs
-0.743 But you can have a black actor playing a white performer and you'd be racist if you thought there was anything wrong with it.
-0.7269 Goto the police, have him arrested and imprisoned
-0.7269 Stop being cunts
-0.7096 Lies make baby jesus cry.
-0.6908 We eat fried chicken and take crack and rape each other.