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0.9442 Thanks, to be honest I think he like all the characters lol, I am beginning to have an idea about what to get now, thanks for your help
0.9311 If there is any sign of a twinge I will take a few extra days break, last thing I want is to be forced to stop when I feel so great :) Thanks for the advice and encouragement it is appreciated.
0.9022 Loving this subreddit and all the advice and encouragement people are giving :) roll on week 2 day 2
0.8313 W2D1 went well :) really enjoying it.
0.8126 Thanks, I will take a look, I think he will only be playing casual so this might be a good idea
0.8074 I don't think he will be getting involved with competitive tournament play, at the moment he just plays with another friend who has a few different sets.
0.802 Best advice I can give RE Excel is read tutorials on lookups etc, then try and build it into your day to day routine.
0.802 Good luck for week 5, I am sure you will smash it
0.7876 Every single time I get it without fail, then once it is over and done with I feel great, I have to keep reminding myself that there is a post-run high coming up if I do it.
0.7328 Thanks for the detailed post, really really appreciate your advice.
0.7003 Good idea, I will have a look at these, thanks.

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-0.6851 Thanks, I was thinking about getting a few smaller ships rather than a bigger set but I wasn't sure if I would unbalance the game or get the wrong item.
-0.5478 hopefully the little potato shaped devil on my shoulder gets bored and goes away soon.
-0.4939 LENSLOK used to drive me mad, on old Atari games
-0.4767 I think this is for the couch to 5 fucks program
-0.3818 Just thought, are you hitting Ctrl + the grave symbol?
-0.34 Is start week 4 tonight, it is crazy looking back at how I was just 3 weeks ago.
-0.1779 So that these can hide http://www.bbc.co.uk/earth/story/20150508-these-mites-live-on-your-face
-0.1419 I am nowhere near fit but need to start something before I turn in to the incredible bulk.
-0.128 Ctrl + ` to display formulas, then you can spot if there are any numbers lurking where formulas should be.
0.0 He reminds me of Little Nicky, voice used to drive me up the wall!!!
0.0 https://media.giphy.com/media/gsGXBlObWmQaQ/giphy.gif
0.0 You have all given me a nudge in the right direction, now I have an idea of what to get I will go have a look around and make a decision on what to pick up for him.