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0.8932 any great tropical environment honestly! Brand new to the game, so any advice is much appreciated.
0.8016 Blend it together and you're good to go! If you don't have an immersion blender, you can get them for like $30 - I recommend getting one.
0.7901 Wow, what a creative dish!
0.7783 That sauce sounds like it would tie the plate together pretty well.
0.7783 Some games will even have the 20% off plus a $10 Best Buy store credit offer when you pre-order.
0.7777 Do you ever get overwhelmed by the breadth of it all? Thanks for being such an inspiration!
0.765 It sounds like the recipe OP posted would likely benefit from additional ingredients, but with lard it may be better to stick with the salt only.
0.7184 I'm looking to better utilize my spending of about ~$7,500/month to maximize rewards and meet minimum purchase requirements.
0.7003 I find that it coats the food better and has better mouth-feel than drawn butter.
0.6908 Thanks for sharing that kenji link.
0.6588 I hadn't known that bit about AU - great news!

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-0.7531 AU on Capital One Platinum 5/15, Capital One Platinum 8/15, CSP 4/16, Chase FU 4/16 3.
-0.34 I will absolutely be talking to recon for that next card. Unfortunately I was not targeted for the 70k offer, only have a 50k offer available.
0.0 Just so you know, GCU gets you 20% off of preorders too.
0.0 Absolutely!
0.0 I'm never going back to microwaving leftover steak.
0.0 Heat butter until foaming subsides then toss the steak in for about 30 seconds/side
0.0 I always heard that it counts towards 5/24.
0.0 I think I'll jump on the Marriott card first and keep my eyes open for another deal to come by.
0.0 SW - 210k , Marriott - 125k , IHG - 225k , UR - 75k, AA - 10k 5.
0.0 Louis, MO 6.
0.0 Hawaii, Caribbean...
0.0 How did the pasta pair with the meat?